Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anna Hazare's Protest

1. Anna has provided a viable alternative to the fight against corruption. All the political parties did till now was to show the other one was as dirty as them. Anna has risen above all that.

2. All political parties are against Anna's demands. For example see BJP's stance: - it is shockingly similar to that of the Congress/UPA - in fact you would think its the UPA stance had you just read the facts without names.

3. It is sad to see the captains of the Indian industry silent on this matter. They are known to lobby for telecom legislation, land acquisition bill, FDI in retail and what not - I cannot simply think of any more fundamental and ground breaking legislation than the Lokpal which will impact the industry's efficiency and operations. Rather than lobby for smaller items, why don't then lobby for LokPal?

4. Finally, Anna has shown that Gandhi's principles of non-violence and peaceful protest still matter in the 21st century, and at times are more potent than all the other means.

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