Friday, March 25, 2011

World Cup - My Predictions and Analysis

I am neither a cricket expert nor any soothsayer by any stretch of imagination. However, I did make the following tweet on 22-March well before the world cup quarterfinals:

So whats the latest:

- Yuvi has done really well, but its impossible for any single player to win the world cup. Compared to other tournaments with a few matches, the world cup has typically 7-8 matches to be won in order to lift the cup and so one who does well in the initial stages almost invariably will not be able to star in the last stages. I would be very surprised if India lift the cup and Yuvi is again a man of the match in the semis or even the finals. Ditto for Afridi and Pakistan. Its now time for other Indian seniors like Dhoni, Sehwag and Nehra to come to the party. Otherwise it will be nearly imposible for us to expect Yuvi, Sachin and Zaheer to bail us out all the time.

- India is a strong contender for the cup, but the other quarterfinals between SA/NZ and ENG/LANKA will show the real mettle of these other teams. I am a bit wary of England - they may be the dark horse for this cup for all we know.

- In the World Cup, its mostly the teams that come back from behind that win it. in 1983, Ind was in the shambles until Kapil Dev's 175 lifted them up. Ind beat Aus in 1987 group stage. Pak was the last team to qualify in 1992 for the Semis. In 1999, Aus entered super six with zero points having to win all the remaining 5 matches to lift the cup (which they did). In 2003 Aus had to send back Warne in the league stage due to doping scandal. Possibly the only World Cups that were won without a blemish were the 75, 79 and 2007 ones, though in the first two, West Indies did have a scare in many matches.

So lets hope for the best and pray for India!

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