Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Worried about corruption? Just 5 questions!

Whenever I switch on to TV news or pick up a newspaper these days, the only things I see are scandals related to corruption by government officials. CWG, 2G, Noida land allocation, Home loan bribery case, Adarsh housing scam, Karnataka land allocation scam - the list goes on and on. However if you step aside, can I request you to answer these five questions below:

1. Did you really believe that A. Raja took all the bribes without the full knowledge of the DMK bosses and Congress party? And do you really really believe that there were no percentages fixed for any of these two in the money taken by Raja?
2. Did you really believe that corporate houses do not lobby the government to bend the policy in their favor?
3. Did you really velieve that the CBI, which is a government agency at the end of the day like any other government department, will be able to crack all these corruption cases impartially?
4. Did you really believe that A. Raja and Suresh Kalmadi will spend even one night behind bars in handcuffs?
5. Did you really believe that the media impartially and honestly reports the news and its various nuances without taking money, favours or kickbacks from interested parties?

If you answered any of the above questions as yes, read no further. But if you did not, do you ever wonder why do you see so much noise in the media regarding this issue? My take is - either someone did not get paid to keep quiet, or, a more chilling fact can be that we are being brainwashed into believing every one is corrupt and so everyone is the same. The end result is that you and I will not go out to vote and that my dear friend is the exact reason why all this circus is all around.

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