Friday, February 22, 2008

Update on Movies I saw

I had a chance to travel a bit for work and so ended up using the flying time to watch some latest Hollywood flicks. Due to kids plus a hectic personal life, I have been lagging behind a bit on the movies scene. Here is an update on what I saw:
  • Michael Clayton : This sexed up legal drama was somehow lacking in punch. I think the Director threw away a nice plot and a good acting performance by George Clooney. Avoidable.
  • Interview : A pleasant surprise. I had not heard of Sienna Miller yet or seen any of her movies, but in this one, she was simply too good. She can act, and she looks nice to top it off. The story was nice, with a touch of dark humor about the lives of celebrities, and the end was also something worth pondering about. Recommended.
  • Stardust : Ended up watching this one as it had Sienna Miller, but this sick drama or Lord of the Rings rip-off was not worthwhile. I did not make it to the end, and is highly avoidable.
  • The Invasion : This is a sci-fi and emotional drama all rolled into one. Silly plot, sillier execution and a completely wild end. Could make it to the last thanks to Nicole Kidman - she has looked absolutely smashing in this one.
  • 3:10 to Yuma : This one was the pick of the lot. Reminded me of the good ol' Eastwood genre movies. Lots of style, a superb story and a great execution. The story is gripping, the stunts well shot and the characterization on the dot. Been a fan of Russell Gladiator Crowe since a while and this one is one of his better ones. Did you know Russell is cousin of former New Zealand international cricketers Jeff and Martin Crowe (he was born in New Zealand)? I read an interview of Martin Crowe where he mentioned that Russell does follow the cricket scene.
Happy watching!

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Born2Conquer said...

Nitin, I suggest you watch the older version of 3:10 to Yuma.