Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Visit to London and Scotland

Last week I had the chance to visit London and Glasgow (Scotland) for work. Although the schedule was very hectic and this was my first visit, somethings I found interesting were:

- Lot of Indian and Pakistani community in and around London. Its common to hear people talking in Hindi which makes you feel at home, not away

- More women than men seem to smoke, whic is a bit surprising. I did not seem to notice this in the US, though my sampling is totally random and unscientific.

- Diwali was celebrated on Sunday (28 Oct) at Trafalgar Square on a damp, wet day. Thats me on that day in the picture.

- Lots of Indian food and restaurants around, so eating out is not an issue.

- Stores are much more expensive than the US, variety is also not as much as available in the US.

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