Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Really just another day at the office for a Tiger?

Fact: Accenture is rapidly ramping up its workforce in India. They are probably targetting to have a 2 to 3X increase in their Indian manpower. Most newspapers and TV Channels are flooded with ads from Accenture featuring Tiger Woods with the tagline "Just another day at the office for a Tiger". Accenture even launched a new website this month specially targetting resumes from Indian BPO and IT professionals. The homepage of the website features Tiger Woods with the above tagline. Ads like these run regularly during cricket matches on TV, radio talk shows and even during film intermissions in Bangalore (not sure about rest of India).

Comment: I wonder of Tiger Woods is the right choice for this message, especially to Indian IT professionals, who I assume are in the 20-30 target age bracket. Reasons:

- Tiger has very poor awareness in India.
- Golf is not a popular sport. It is even less popular among under 30 year olds, the ones who Accenture is trying to recruit heavily. I would guess less than 1% of these people have ever played golf, and maybe a lesser number follow Tiger's exploits.
- Talking about Tiger will rarely translate into much for the brand Accenture.
- Running these ads run during cricket matches may alienate cricket fans or switch them off. Circket is more of a religion in India, akin to Basketball in the US.
- The ads seem to imply that working for Accenture may make one end up being a Tiger. The culture of excellence which Tiger protrays is tempting, but not everybody can be a Tiger.

I can understand that Tiger holds a lot of appeal for decision makers and CXOs who frequent the golf courses and maybe can appreciate Accenture's service offerings, but re-using Tiger to recruit in India does not seem to gel well with me. More of a case of being penny wise and pound foolish.


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he he he ... very true !