Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Who does AOL.IN want to sign up?

Yesterday I saw an advertisement in Outlook Magazine by AOL.IN about their new service and communities. The ad, unfortunately which I cannot showcase here as there is no access to print advertisements online, shows a girl with a pierced nostril sticking out her tongue (which is also pierced) and the tagline says something about finding all kinds of people/communities on AOL.IN. Makes me wonder who is it that AOL is really targetting in India via this ad:
1. Geeky nerds who fantasize of pierced tongues?
2. Females who already have/plan to have both pierced tongues and nostrils together?
3. All kinds of folks who feel the need for inclusion in the community of such girls?

I thought advertise was about segmenting and delivering the message, but this one left me totally confused. All the above (1, 2, and 3) are in all probability the minority segment AOL is trying to target, unless I am totally out in the woods. Comments anyone?

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Biswanath said...

Lol, you can see the result. They had to shut down their operation.