Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why the Hell MPs bother about Cricket?

There has been a furore lately in the Parliament (and outside) on the comments made by Greg Chappel related to the performance of the Indian Cricket Team and the subsequent retaliation by the MPs. Being a Cricket fan, I have a brief comment to make about this one:
There are millions of Cricket fans like me. Politicians want a share of their attention. Till now, they were content with passing congratulatory messages when the team did well or someone broke a record. However with the recent dismal performance, they have seized upon a novel idea: trying to play the guardians of the interest of the fans. I think all of us should treat their comments as a cricket fan - focus on the game and be oblivious to the rest. I wonder if Shahrukh Khan loves cricket so much as to watch it with Priyanka Chopra in Jaipur (India vs. England in Champions Trophy 2006 coinciding with the release of Don) or Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi watching India's tour of Pakistan last time. These are cheap gimmicks to grab the attention of the public and stay in the limelight....a true fan should not worry too much about them and stick to the game.


Srinjaya said...

Don't you think Nitin that we the citizens of India are too obsessed with the game of cricket?In this over obsessiveness we fail to realise more often than not how unjust we are being to the other sports that are played in our country.Cricket has always hogged the limelight for reasons galore.But it's high time that we start considering other sports seriously.Cricketers are like demi-gods to the people of our country.But it goes without saying that they can indulge in both apothesising and demonising with equal elan.I don't understand why we all the time tend to go by the external glitter of the varied entities of life.Why can't we delve a little deeper into the things that demand our attention.As long as they are performing we hold them in high esteem but the moment their performance starts declining we even go to the extent of burning their effigies in the public.We never analyze things in the light of reason.Emotions rule supreme in our lives.As a consequence reason tends to take a backseat.Crores and crores of money that are being spent into the game belong to the public exchequer.So the cricketers definitely owe an accountability to them.But in our country matters are always blown out of proportion.In this hullabaloo we can't forget other more important issues that are vying for our attention.So parliament should not be transformed into a cricket ground.But more sensibility on the part of people living in the higher echelons of the society is needed if we really want to put our country on the track of progress.Sports is a burgeoning sector and proper attention should be paid to it.The government should formulate policies for the development of sports in our country and the media instead of focussing mainly on cricket should also write about the less hyped games.

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