Monday, August 28, 2006

Et tu, Wikipedia?

As per Wikipedia Statistics, here is a list of the top 20 articles on Wikipedia that are most visted (ranked in order):

1. Main Page
2. Wikipedia
3. Pluto
4. United States
5. Wii
6. List of gay porn stars *
7. Wiki
8. List of sex positions *
9. Kama Sutra *
10. Pornography *
11. Sexual intercourse *
12. Google Earth
13. List of big-bust models and performers *
14. C programming language
15. The Simpsons
16. Oral sex *

No less that 7 of these (* marked) are somehow related to porn on the Internet - I am dead sure that these are not innocent, academic inquiries. Such a shame, isnt it? The only reason why this is happening is that the major search engines are having Wikipedia articles as their top hits and well the rest is obvious. I am wondering if I can start a PornWiki on the lines of Wikipedia. Any VCs hear me out there?

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