Thursday, June 08, 2006

How to create a Silicon Valley in India?

Guy Kawasaki has a nice post on creating a new Silicon Valley. If I contrast his recommendations to the general policy making in India, the following stand out:

We do not seem to have any plans to:

Focus on educating engineers.
Encourage immigration
Send the best and brightest to Silicon Valley

Our goverment is not a believer in this:

Don’t focus on “creating jobs.”
Don’t pass a special tax exemption.
Don’t create a venture capital fund.


Anonymous said...

I actually agree with you on this. I recently just moved to Mumbai from Chennai, and its nice to find some blogs that talk about the things that I agree with. MY blog is over at: India News -

Anonymous said...

with politicians going for an overkill early on in any new venture, the only thing that gets created these days is a 'Con' valley. if prohibitive costs were not any hinderance, immigration will take the form of exodus from india, given the penchant of ruling class for applying multiple layers of reservations.

Dinesh, Agra