Thursday, May 11, 2006

Outlook Magazine Subscription - New Low of Customer Service

I have a subscription to Outlook Magazine (# OL P/328193). I repeatedly get the issues late. On emailing customer service, this is the response I get:
Hello sir,
With reference to yr mail have asked the courier person to take an
acknowledgement for the copies del and reg the issues you getting
on Tuesday it is b'caz if we get copies on time that is on saturday or latest by sunday the del start only by monday hence thedelay. We will see to it that you get atleast by monday. We apologize once
again and assure you that we shall endeavor to reach your copies on regular basis.
With warm regards.
Vinitha Stephen
Service officer

Now, I wonder. This magazine hits the news-stands on a Sat eve or a Sunday. While subscribing, I was told that the issues will be delivered "by hand courier" in Bangalore. I am thus being told that the best thing that can happen to me is that I will get the issue delivered on Monday (and for that also I should be grateful). I am worse off in subscribing than picking up the latest issue from the news stands!

Another thing which the courier guy told me (off the record): These folks maintain a list of priority customers. A priority customer is one who makes noise about his delayed delivery of the issues. I have had the honour of being in this list a couple of times. Sadly, they keep recycling the list every 3-4 months. So the key is to keep on making noises every 3-4 months in order to get the issue on time. I guess many of the subscribers kind of take late delivery for granted and they are always taken for granted. Ouch!


Satnam Singh said...

Hi Nitin,

Indian companies have long way to give good customer survices (cs) bec. they have lot of customers & lack of professionalism. I think, it will change due to more law suits against companies in India. Well, long way to go for cs in India....

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

The language used by the customer service person seems somewhat lacking. Hmm..

Nitin said...

Just to add to my woes, the present issue arrived on a Thursday (they hit the news stants on Saturday)

Complaints seem to have no effect on these folks.

Amit said...

outlook not an exception reader digest copies reach me when the next months issues r abt to come on the stands..

Prem Sagar said...

Hi Nitin,
I subscribe to Outlook money and OL Business. And have the same goddamn issue with them, not for a short period, but for the 2nd yr now.

I have to mail them everytime or call them for the issue. And that means I spent more on each issue, and also read it atleast a week late.


See the chain below.. (i have a chain of almost 16-17 replies each time for a late delivery)


Thank you for the mail.

Due to unavoidable circumstances the current OL Business magazine issue
of 20th July 2006 been sent yesterday by Professional Courier and it
will reach you anytime tomorrow.

Kindly accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused to

Thanks & regards

XXXXXXX (name with held by me)
Customer Relations Dept.,
Windsor, 7th floor
C S T Road, Kalina,
Santacruz (E)
Mumbai 400098
Tel: 30612222 Fax No.30612233

-----Original Message-----
From: Prem Sagar
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 2:14 PM
To: xxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Copy not yet received!!!!!!!!

Hi xxxxxxx,
Again, I am forced to complain!!!
The outlook business mag has not yet been delivered. OLB P/218.

Please let me know what is taking time for you to deliver it on time.
And also give me the contact no of the courier person in Pune so that I
can talk to them directly as to why they delay it everytime.

I am tired of complaining. I think its time to start attempting to fix
the issue, irrespective of who is erroneous. I would like to cooperate
with you for the same. I am not here to blame, but to make sure I get
the mags on time, everytime.


-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2006 3:40 PM
To: Prem Sagar
Subject: RE: Copy not yet received!!!!!!!!

Hi Prem,

Actually this time there is a delay from our side. The current issue was
sent by Professional courier vide their consignment No.91183261 dtd.
21st June 2006. You will receive the issue anytime today evening. The
latest issue of Outlook Business will be dispatched by courier today.

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you and assure you of our
best services at all times.

Yours sincerely,


-----Original Message-----

From: Prem Sagar
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2006 11:09 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Copy not yet received!!!!!!!!

I hate to disturb you again. The OM copy has not yet arrived. (OLM
P/120555)I have checked with the mail dept in my office and also with
the front gate security. And until yesterday, the copy had not yet come.

PLS DO NOT SEND ANOTHER COPY. I dont want 2 copies to land at my place
like it usually happens. All I need is ONE COPY ON TIME, every time.

Pls do check with the courier dept to see whats taking them time in
delivering it on time. I would really appreciate if you can help me sort
out this issue. If anything at all from my end can help speedy delivery,
please let me know.

Please do sort this issue asap for I hate to keep writing to you
everytime taking your precious time too.

And please let me know the dispatch dates for Outlook business too, so
that I can keep a track of their delivery too.


Anonymous said...

This is really sick. The OUTLOOK subscription has become a pain for me. They came to my office for subscription (Receipt no64637, payment made by cash). They promised gift to be delivered within 2 weeks and magazines within 4 weeks. The subscription date was on 20th Nov 2006. I called up their office 3 time and wrote mails to
Now they have delivered the gift i.e after almost 6 weeks. Nobody responded to my mail and magazines delivery has not yet started.
They way they are working is highly unprofessional and in no way customer friendly. They dont even bother to reply your mails or call up to say tell the status.

parvinder said...

I subscribed for three magazines, Outlook, Marieclaire and People and paid Rs 2999/ in Sep 2010. While I get Outlook(often late) other magazines are not sent.