Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My MBA convocation at XIMB

I graduated from the Executive MBA Program of XIM in March this year. Me and my family went to the Institute and we had a lot of fun visiting Puri, Konark Temple, Nandankannan National Park and Bhubaneswar city generally. My daughter was too excited in viewing "Papa's School" and "Papa's classrooms" (she can only relate my education to hers)!

Mr. Damodaran, the Chairman of SEBI awarded the degrees. Finally after a long time of nearly three years this initiative of mine has come to completion. I think its not an easy job to juggle professional, personal and academic life. I had to make a lot of sacrifices with my vacations and other activities. Fortunately Oracle was kind enough to support me during this program and that was instrumental in my completing this program. My wife also deserves a big thanks for all the support and encouragement without which this would have remained a distant dream. The icing on the cake was that I topped my class!


Amit said...

congrats nitin..

Satnam Singh said...

Congrats Nitin !!
It is hard to study along with job. You did great.

Manoj Ranaweera said...

Congratulations. I just came across your blog. We are an Oracle partner. However, we have not done anything with it yet due to our own faults as well as lack of understanding of Oracle portfolio.

I also completed an Executive MBA within two years. I did not top the class but did not come at the bottom either. I made it to "Director's List" whatever that means. Yes it was hard and my wife suffered more than me from the MBA due to not been around to help with kids, etc. Nice to hear Oracle supported you. My employer did not want me to do the MBA. Their comments were - if we support you, you will leave us at the end!. They were right! We departed well before I completed.

Once again, well done.