Friday, February 17, 2006

Moin Khan - Lost his Mind, Shut Up and Eat Crow.

In India, its usual for politicians to answer questions with prepared statements: Q: What do you think of Mr. X's comments on your integrity (or Mr. X's recent charges)?
A: Mr. X has lost his mental balance. I respect Mr. X, but lately he has been under a lot of pressure and lost the sense of mental well being.

In this light, look at Moin Khan's columns on Rediff.

Indian Team lacks Balance:
"The tourists must be satisfied with their batting resources, but their main concern remains their bowling department. Even if the bowlers are given the benefit of doubt keeping in view the conditions in Peshawar, the bottomline is that the Indian bowling attack lacks the bite, penetration aggression and economy -- a combination that is so vital in limited-overs cricket."

Pakistan totally crumbled against Indian Bowling and was not able to go beyond 80s without losing 4 wickets in the last three matches. This cannot be a coincidence, esp. if it happens 3 times in a row. India also won the one day series with one match to spare.

Beginning of the end for Tendulkar?:
"Maybe when he takes an emotional walk in the National Stadium in Karachi, the desire of continuing for a few more years with distinction and merit will be re-ignited. But for the moment, the Sachin I saw batting at Faisalabad was certainly a shadow of the Sachin who courageously faced and ruthlessly punished the greatest bowlers of the past decade."


"..Shoaib Akhtar literally exposed Sachin's present-day ability against quality fast bowling during a spell that will certainly be remembered for long."

Shoaib got less that 5 total wickets in the three test matches he played. Sachin Tendulkar has scored 100, 42, 95 and 0 in the last 4 one day matches.

I wonder what will it take for him to eat crow and shut up. Or as they say: "When Knowledge is power, Ignorance is bliss.". Moin would do well to wake up from his blissful ignorance. I just hope that Rediff does not give him another chance at exposing his mental balance.


drsundeep said...

Before I be labelled as a rabble rouser, I will apologize in advance if I ruffle someone's feathers! Here are some of my "observations" : -
1. In the 2004 FRIENDSHIP series, whenever a pakistani bowler bowled exceptionally well in a test match, he, very suspiciously skipped the next test e.g, Akhtar missed the 2nd test, while sami the 3rd, Shabbir 4th and Razzaq the 5th.
2.In the current ODI series too, Akhtar missed all the remaining matches, Afridi got injured his ribs due to a friendly hug from Akhtar (Can U believe it!)and didn't play the remaining matches.
3. In the 3rd match, when Sachin was batting, he was dropped twice, both of them, sitters by the good fielders of Pakistan. More importantly, it is well known that Razzaq has the uncanny ability of taking Sachin's wicket, YET HE WAS NEVER CALLED ON TO BOWL TILL SACHIN WAS AT THE CREASE!If u remember, he came on to bowl in the 38th over, by which time match was almost over.
The whole thing stinks to me. We who are gloating over "Operation Vijay" may be shocked after say 10 - 15 years when some one's gonna spill the beans. Thats the reason, I take these Dosti series with a pinch of salt!

Caleb said...


Pakistan have a much bigger problem with their batting than India with their bowling!!!

Experienced players like Inzi and yousuf prefer to hide behind youngsters and avoid facing the new ball!!!

rediff and expressIndia have to be blamed for asking such an unsuccessful clown to write for them.

and about the 'friendship' accusation, Shoaib has hardly done anything against India in ODIs.. Afridi hasnt done much in the ODIs he played. If Razzaq has the ability to get Sachin's wicket, Sachin has the ability to get Inzi's wicket too. He doesnt come on to bowl everytime Inzi bats.

I think only someone with an inferiority complex will think we werent the better team. If Pak didnt have Shoaib, India didnt have Harbhajan - look at his performance against SL and SA. And for Afridi, we didnt have Sehwag, who played very well in the 2nd ODI.

Pakistan lost because of their so called match winner's captaincy, their county coach's tactics and their inefficiency to tackle the new ball. Pakistan lost because of their batting and India won because of its bowling and fielding which was a class apart when you compare it with the opposition.

Thomas said...

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