Monday, November 21, 2005

Google - Nothing Succeeds like Success

Google is the most hyped up company on the web (Myspace doesnt even come close). Everyday there is some mention or the other about the technology they use, the products they are planning, the processes they follow, the innovation they nurture, their overall prowess and above all, a philosophical angle to their work. In a way it is not surprising. Nothing succeeds like success. At the same time, it reminds me of the hey day of Netscape (when it nearly challenged Microsoft), or even the boom days of 1999-2000 where Internet was slated to change your life forever.

There are many companies that are creating more and more fascinating technologies each day. Oracle in pioneering the database technology each day. Even Microsoft, which really has only invented copy-paste, has done a lot of work in the Office area. Linux is an example familiar to all. However, none of these are all out there so to say unlike Google, where each beta or trial release of their product is for every one to see on the internet. Yes Google folks are good, but they are not Gods. And Never will be (I am hazarding a prediction here). I will give the Google folks due credit for their work, but the idea that these people will help humans achieve the abstraction levels in which they are just ideas devoid of any mortal carcasses is a bit ahem too raw to digest.

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Arti said...

hi..i read few of ur was very good..i would like to know ur vision for india at 2075..could u pls blog on it? and pls give me ur email id..thanks