Monday, October 10, 2005

ICC World XI - Mincemeat by Australia

It was such a disappointment to see the best of the world getting slaughtered by Australia in the Johnny Walker Super Series. I was personally expecting a better show but the result was beyond my wildest imagination. They were the best, but were made to look like the rest. I wonder if the result would have been different had India been playing... I mean maybe we would have lost with better margins!

I think the real reason for the loss was the way Shaun Pollock was made the Captain. I think Graeme Smith will definitely do a better job in the Test, and Pollock was too nice a guy to inspire and motivate the folks. I think it would have been a better choice to have Lara (irrespective of his failures) or even Dravid would have had been a better choice. One thing is certain: After slamming the selectors his entire life, Sunil Gavaskar has finally tasted his own medicine. I hope we have better team selection the next time.


Simon G said...

As a South African, I agree that Shaun Pollock made a bad captain. And it was a pity that the Aussies didn't get slapped at all. But isn't the problem with all 'best of' teams that they don't get a chance to learn how each other plays, so its a group of individuals rather than a team.

Nitin said...

I agree fully. Also Smith did not do any better than Pollock. I wonder if it is just the team spirit that was lacking or the one responsible for the massacre. As a case in point, the ICC XI only lasted 50 overs once in 5 innings. Obviously you cant expect a team having Lara, Dravid, Inzi and Kallis to do that, irrespective of who they are playing against.

Hats off to Cricket for all its uncertainities.