Sunday, October 09, 2005

Google + Sun - is 1 + 1 Eleven?

Google and Sun recently announced a partnership. The aim is to synergize (make one plus one eleven), but really what is needed is just to outsmart Microsoft and the rest doesnt matter. However some points are worth a mention:

-Google toolbar is to be clubbed with Java downloads. Microsoft already licenses Java, and it will bundle it in its browser and Windows, thus eliminating the need for it to be downloaded.
-What Sun gains out of it is a questionable. Just joining forces with Google isnt going to help them. I wonder if the deal for hardware supplied to Googleplex is the driver for this agreement (short temr perspective), rather than any calculated or percieved business advantage. Partnering with Google is in no way going to help OpenOffice break the stranglehold of Microsoft Office, or atleast I dont see a reason for it to do so.

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