Monday, September 26, 2005

Free for all Media Circus for Cricket Spat

The recent spat between Chappel and Ganguly has leed to a lot of media comments. The strangest thing is that the TV News Channels and print media are running Opinion Polls to gauge the mood of the public. I understand that India is a democracy and Cricket is a team sport, but hell, what does an opinion poll have to do with the way the team is picked? By that logic, we should vote for the team selection and the appointment of the Captain! I can enev dogest that after a match, these people run a poll to show who was the "Culprit of the Match" (Match ka Mujrim) as a lot of people are invloved with the match. I strongly feel that some matters should seriously remain private....or atleast beyond Opinion polls!

I look forward to the Johnny Walker cup. I hope Australia play well and its a nice contest!

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