Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ahh these Celebrities

I am sure many of you would have heard the rumors about Aamir Khan and his son born to an Englishwoman.....this makes me wonder aloud. These are the days of AIDs and morality is at a premium still. Sample this:

Cricketer Viv Richards has a daughter Masamba with Neena Gupta.
Cricketer Imran Khan's daughter with Sita White, who he was always denying as his own, has finally been accepted.

The interesting thing to know is that these folks have been living normal lives, with their family and kids, and there has been absolutely no issues. I wonder if Richards and Imran have ever even bothered about how thier kid was, other than maybe offer enough money for maintenance. If you ask Aamir, he will say spending time with kids is his top priority and he loves being with them. At the same time, he is simply not willing to accept his own child!!!

I wonder if morals are only for the middle class!

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